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Brand Origin & Vision

Brilliantly Living unknowingly sprung into existence long ago, when then as a young man began to take on Full-Cycle Product Development initiatives as an extracurricular life-long amusement. Little by little, over many years, each endeavor initiated new products into Brilliantly Living's Collection of unusual offerings.

Some of Brilliantly Living’s solutions appear as tangible product offerings. Yet, there are further Brilliantly Living offerings that come in the form of restoring Inner Peace & Clarity.

In all this brand’s core drive & direction is to share anything that may be healing, endearing, or wonderful; and so understandably spanning unto several levels. So that through these unique product expressions to be able to connect with many on a deeper level; so that what I share may be deeply enjoyed, so to enhance the Brilliance in our minds, hearts, bodies, and overall Living.

The NIPC (Newland Intellectual Properties Corp) business is one that is uncommon; it's a 1-man show operation where intrigue to explore new possibilities is all it takes to self-authorize the writing-up of purchase orders so to get development of these new explorations under way. Free-Spirited another words, and it has grown this way for all its years, as opportunistic ventures keep expanding into new ways while open to this style of instinct. In between NIPC's creating of new product ventures, NIPC in periodic strides, also machines literally tons worth of steel and various other material components for major companies.

 The ability to produce one’s own tools is one of the greatest advantages that can be said. Brilliantly this causes a style of Living in where the creative mind rarely doubts of things that can be fashioned, but instead dreams wide & visualizes deep for ways to get things done.

Over the years it didn't seem to matter too much as to what I knew at any given moment, or didn't. Whenever a new idea had strong ignition, there seemed to always be that willingness to examine the potential, and the true interest to find pathways for bringing into reality. It is a cognitive environment where ideas of originality are found to be amusing, eager to be fed, and so primely set-up for deep inquiry; a learn as you go style which leads to randomly gaining exposure in various fields of expertise.

At a skill & service level, NIPC operates from a wide stance; generally unconfined because it is being led by whatever happens to be the nature of an idea that is trying to be accomplished. Many fields are wandered, with some nearing to master. Fields such as: Design & fabrication of one-of-a-kind automated production machinery, develop superb quality in-store displays, drafting & securing US patents, TV Commercial Producing & Directing, Full packaging solutions, the Technical proving out of mass scale manufacturing, and well into creating the more dreamier reputational aspects such as branding & marketing, photo-shoots, voiceovers, and on & on.

With the Perfect Banana Hook, there was much to understand in the area of banana acids and their effects on various metals & alloys, prior to establishing an appropriate manufacturing method for a kitchen grade hook that is Guaranteed for Life.

For Label Magic manufacturing, a solution needed to be devised for laying down an alternating band array of magnetic field lines with precision; a now easy process made mostly automated. This being the custom made Magnetizer Device which magnetically programs Label Magic with the attractive feature of Automatic Alignment Technology.

Perhaps this style of total involvement within every aspect from conception, to manifesting, to shipping & sharing is unusual; but in the end, the pathway to arrival holds reflections of unusual solidarity, one man’s solitarily attempt to authenticate a nested grand vision, and so the products & the brand that manifest are sculpted with clear non-interrupted visions. Led into manifesting through finding multitudes of personal emotional artistic insights; and so very much each piece can be viewed as heartfelt major milestones within a life-long developing collection of passionately created shareable works of art.

President of Newland Intellectual Properties Corp, and of the Brilliantly Living brand,

John Newland