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Sunshine for the Mind


Envision the ancient Egyptian culture openly sharing knowledge of there being a realm of unlimited RICHNESS, a realm of bliss & knowing of its endless abundance, within the created heart vessel of mankind. Through such plethora of rock inscribed hieroglyphs, there seems to indicate something of grandness to share; depictions of the Egyptians having ascertained something profound.

Powerful knowledge, once wholly conscious of, inducing a shift in perception, akin to a doorway; transforming vision, seemingly so drastic & respected as to be celebrated in stone-etched honor. Informing & representing the society’s apex height in conscious cohesion.

This doorway is within our cognition, where passage opens into a conflict-free harmonious dimension of understanding, a pure way of perceiving, an impasse impossible to bypass without perfect alignment with Its impenetrable truth. All that is needed is FULL recognition to enter into Its heavenly vision. Meaning zero cognitive opposition, a single-pointedness in purpose and so crystallized from all aspects of thought. And so within this recognition made FULL, does the alignment allow for graceful realizations to be received, realizations that are imbued with awareness of things Eternal, and so full of illumination Understanding becomes.

"If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light"

The Knowing of the Doorway will likely be one of the most compelling compositions that you may ever witness; deeply mystical. Raw unplanned footage loaded with unscripted dialogues of Wisdom coinciding with supernatural phenomena.

As a witness of this Energetic Synchronized Presence that which appears to know the sincerity of one’s heart, is the bestowing of evidence of being fully-entwined within relationship; the having of no limitations for joining, to commune, to communicate. To experientially understand the richness of this unbound communed essence is to accomplish what seems out-of-reach to linguistically share; like trying to describe the color red to a blind man; where the essence itself will escape him, unless he himself is the essential witness of its lustrousness.

And through this witnessing, it now appears that I am supported with being able to communicate in a grander way; through healing of false ideas & the alignment of focus do I become a receiver enabled to speak authoritatively from depths of emotional insight, as nature in backdrop shows approval via synchronicities. I merely with deep calmness & all sincerity tune in with inquisitiveness, and with beauty the articulated messages within these clips become visually & auditorily striking without any sense of labor. The heart leading and so happily participating, communicating, generating pulsating auric fields and the natural world responding, while simplistically & intuitively roaming landscapes during meditative conversation with Higher Intelligence.

Yet the focus would be misplaced if placing any on me, for we all have this restorative empowerment remembrance feature; but rather marvel entirely over that there is real evidence of always being in holy relationship with Creator that can finally be witnessed, and so perhaps paused upon in a deep mental steeping… so to Remember! A potential powerful catalyst to awaken many who still sleep within isolate & limiting ideas. Always then let us awaken into the course through which real riches become the apparent, through our constancy in this remembering, that the goal is to achieve REAL understanding, because Peace & Understanding do not come separately; and so with a bit of willingness to remember such with devout straightness, will all hearkenings for interference be eliminated, and UNBOUND communication be restored.

Approach this material with an open heart, and it will serve as seed to restore your connection, your calmness & peacefulness as generously as you are receptive. Keenly listen for how each word has been emotionally derived, for its exactness; and do take notice, as to not overlook how the 1st two sentences of the entire composition is the very heart summarization of its entire length. From start to finish, a laser-focus message is being delivered; Divinely coordinated. Do correlate the in-the-moment emotions in the words to the behavior of nature and the electromagnetic energy in surrounding. Allow the Divine timing of these living & electromagnetic energies to convince you naturally.

So that through this witnessing of supernatural synchronistic alignment, EMANATING FROM HEART AS IT SPEAKS, that you may for a moment find it easier to relinquish any potential beliefs about any limitation or any idea pertaining to unworthiness that may have found adoption within your belief system long ago. Inspiring a full sweep re-consideration; the removal of such confining & obstructive ideas. Receptive now to consider the vision of empowerment; and to hold this vision wholly so to grasp the precision of what I Am trying to share.




A Course in Miracles (Original Edition, PDF)