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BUCKLE PUFFER - The Most Impressive Belt Buckle Pipe on the Planet

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These fashionable buckles are compact precision machines, skillfully designed so that the pipe is unrecognizable even though worn in plain view. Equipped with a mesmerizing Magnetic Pull-In feature in which pulls the pipe into the buckle automatically – almost magical while latching & sealing it to prevent any emission of odor. One model can be worn to the office and no one would ever know. A hidden release button is located on the backside of the buckle, and is recessed within a concave area so to allow the buckle to nestle conveniently around the pants button and snug against the body.

Entirely designed & mass manufactured by just 1 craftsman, these beauties come into existence within my small 1-man machine shop in Cleveland, Ohio. It is here that I gather raw materials, and then surrender my finest care when fabricating every component.

The process begins with twenty-five specialized cutting tools operating under computer-controlled precision to meticulously machine each Buckle Puffer from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum. The Buckle Puffer brand is committed to delivering a product that performs with sincere appreciation. This careful computer-controlled cutting method takes more time and is more expensive than die casting, but it yields a stronger more impressive product. Hold one, feel one, operate one and you’ll understand what is meant by impressive.

Automatic Pull-In Feature:
This powerful feature brings the product to life. As the pipe is inserted half-way into the buckle, magnetic forces automatically take over to swiftly pull the pipe back into its symmetrically shaped camouflaged state.

Confident click Sound Sealing:
Confidently insert the pipe without looking for a quick pipe put-away. The confident click sound sealing of the Buckle Puffer delivers a robust and trustworthy feeling of sealed certainty.

Rattle Free:
Two neodymium magnets are implanted with a slight offset so that they never achieve true magnetic alignment. The remaining tension creates a constant pull on the pipe, producing a tight rattle-free seal.

Double Barrel Intake:
Experience twice the intake draw. The carburetor-looking appearance of the mouthpiece communicates a readiness for performance, delivering easy full draws. These deep mysterious holes on the mouthpiece are precision drilled shafts, angled so to lead to the reservoir while descending; break through they perform as dual-intake, positioned to draw from the lowest region of the reservoir.

Instant Snuff-Out Technology:
Upon the pipe’s insertion both the double-barrel intake and the reservoir seal at the same moment; causing any smoldering content to quickly extinguish.

Magnetic Closure Latching System:
The manner in which the latching system operates in conjunction with the “Automatic Pull-In Feature” is a graceful performance. The operation is a timed synchronization of changing magnetic intensities. As the pipe is inserted, the latch is attracted magnetically to teeter downward so to allow pipe insertion to feel minimal resistance. As the pipe passes beyond the latch’s fulcrum, the latch reverses operation so that latching resistance gradually increases, and concurrently the “Automatic Pull-In Feature” begins to initiate. The closer the pipe automatically draws inward toward full insertion, the more intense the magnetic latch anticipates the moment of lock. At full insertion the latch drops into its locking position and the magnetic intensities fully mature with double strength intensity keeping the pipe in a confidently locked state. The pipe can only be ejected when the release button is pressed. The magnetically powered latching system is reliable, compact, and foreseen to last a lifetime.

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Be sure to NOT provide pants size when providing BELT size.
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In this earliest stage, the engineering plan-out, design, tight geometric tolerances, and the precision computer-controlled machining method are all vital to the product’s performance.

After machining, great care goes into hand polishing each component to a mirror finish. The components are then washed using ultrasonic technology for a deep microscopic cleanliness.

Each component then undergoes an industrial hard Nickel plating using the electroless nickel plating process. This process is performed by an FDA approved facility; providing safety assurance in which to smoke from. The hard nickel plating gives the Buckle Puffer a smooth sliding feel, a bright cosmetic look, and superior corrosion protection that will last a lifetime.

Two neodymium magnets (the strongest magnetic grade on the market) are implanted with a light offset so that they never achieve true magnetic alignment. The remaining tension create a constant pull on the pipe, producing a tight rattle-free seal.

Your Buckle Puffer is also implanted with a hardened stainless steel magnetic latching system that utilizes the same magnetic fields for automatic locking. The production of each latch begins with a flat precision ground plate of stainless steel. The profiles of hundreds of latches are electrically burned from this single plate via EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). The profiled latches are then punched free, mounted into a special fixture, further machined, and then polished.

Once these custom made latches are installed, each Buckle Puffer moves into the realm of feeling functionally magnificent. It is my joy to make for you a solid piece of functioning hardware & fashion-ware; something that can bring you joy & have customized to your liking.

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BUCKLE PUFFER - The Most Impressive Belt Buckle Pipe on the Planet
BUCKLE PUFFER - The Most Impressive Belt Buckle Pipe on the Planet Sale price$230.00