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Label Magic

Label Magic

Ultimate Convenience!
Re-use for Years!

Fridge Magnets that Day-Labels ANY Container INSTANTLY! Using Fridge Magnets to keep track of Food Freshness! Performance is so SPEEDY! Thoughtfully engineered with materials that withstand the dishwasher, the microwave, and constant re-use. Label Magic is pure convenience.

Enjoy the convenience of having Magnetic Labels in perfect reach right from your fridge door, and having them automatically align onto your containers just before placing fresh leftovers from dinner into your fridge; allowing you to keep track of Food Freshness in only seconds!

Label Magic gives you full freedom to upgrade ANY food storage container. The simple one-time Peel & Stick set-up takes just seconds, then you're ready to enjoy the speed of magnetic labeling for years. The dry tack adhesion is SAFE & GENTLE on all containers; non-marring is the solid promise. Just before washing your empty containers, simply remove the Day portion and place it back onto the outside of the fridge door for next use.

Every magnet is programmed with invisible magnetic bands; giving Label Magic the speedy technology of Fast Automatic Alignment. Each package includes 14 Day magnets & 14 Base magnets... Enough to turn 14 of your containers into your favorite containers.

Label Magic's technologies makes it easy to integrate food confidence into your life at the speed of seconds. Many families use it to communicate what is available and fresh. Many more appreciate the confidence, and money saved. Works great for weekly meal prepping too.

Re-use them for years so that you can... Feel the Confidence & Feel the Savings!

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