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Blow Your Mind


 Every image displayed here was authentically captured; having zero overlay manipulation. Most have had some degree of filtering enhancement so to make more visibly drastic the frequency variations that already exist within these digital files. All were taken near my homestead in Euclid, Ohio; and had been captured between the years of 2021 - 2023. 


In me, a transformation began to quicken; a new way of seeing, an upgrade beyond ordinary perception, a real remembering that brings stabilized interpretation & calm knowing. A focal & energetic reorientation, recalibrating, stretching over several months while deepening; and precisely this transformation occurred during the phase of when I had allowed an impressively intelligent channeled manuscript to lead me through the questioning, the untangling, and the un-learning of several indoctrinated beliefs. Every sentence I took in, allowing it to speak deeply & directly to me.

With much INTERFERENCE removed from mind, no longer gripping false ideas in tension as if true, the nervous system now relaxes, which then through this placid relaxation of our nervous system does this enable the peaceful condition where the subtle sensing of vibrations are now able to be detected within each thought form that passes through our field of awareness. Where now, the body no longer caught up in tensions over unsolvable wishes, no longer uncomfortably imprisoned under the bitter holdings of fearfully locked-in ideas, is now used as a tool to sense vibrational signatures; an intuitive pathway, a natural sensational power that utilizes qualities of expansion (Love) & contraction (Fear) so to discern the True or Falseness, thus the reality & authenticity within every thought, idea, and relationship interaction.

With growing awareness there comes a finer degree of sensual nuance that begins to be sensualized within one’s magnetic field; and so I took in the sensual awareness of its flux. Noticing the subtlest shifting of inner tension as being the in-the-moment living representation of every now thought, revealing every thought’s polarity, thus revealing its very nature, if aligned within peaceful reality. The more calm & stable the mind delves into adoring Peace, the more subtly obvious & keen. And through this sensation I learn to listen, and while in correlation to this current moment’s thought, energetically noticing the positive or negative sway within each way the thought is held; whether each thought is contracting into fear induced covetness or into shared expansiveness. It is the inner accountability of the sensation, recognizing the thought source, that enables the awareness intelligence to see a light guided pathway of righteous thinking that which heals & teaches.

With this realization of sensual universal inner-core information comes many findings of intuitive abilities, along with ability to more calmly hold higher dimensions of understanding; energetically understood, supported by the inclusion of emotional sensual data radiating from deep within, beyond the outward facing body senses. And through this ability to understand more centrally & universally, then we naturally energetically are already aligned in the resonating with the thoughts & aspirations of higher vibrational beings; and so aware at times of multidimensional communication & influences. Naturally any mind that removes the obstacles in becoming still in the vision of offering only peace, is ultra calm and thus sensitive to the subtlest of change in thought & energetic presence; everyone has this imbued ability naturally.

As a brother I share this experiential information because once made aware of this higher form of communication & overall healing, will perhaps lead to a sincere longing for cognitive correction, and once taken in as real knowledge and heart-fully integrated, becomes the transformative peace-filled elixir; the REAL relief that many are so eager to find, naturally aligning with our deepest wish for deep inner peace & strong healthy stable connection. The remembrance of the unlimited power of Peace when mind returns to hold peace in wholeness; the only inner presence where joy of REAL SANE understanding may be reclaimed. Ultimately the conscious awareness of joining wholly into Its Vision, bringing no ideas of your own, just allowing & witnessing your calm UNBOUND mind wholly immersed and so vibrating in the tapestry of Its reality. Able to rediscover, now that Peace has been given full rule within our heart mind, energetically initiated into no longer seeing a boundary, and so now able to transmute, resolve, & communicate without any barrier or limitation. 

The world’s activity is not the source of darkness. Rather, the source of darkness is the “belief” that what is seen as darkness can control you. With this such twist held within belief, one’s emotions will wrap around ideas for defense, and safety appears to angst & hate for what appears outside of you; while hiding that within, you have “justified” hate within, which is the very submission of your mind into darkness.