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Another unusual activity that randomly kept occurring without any labor effort, is the finding of humanoid heads. Here I’m finding evidence of past civilizations, that which no historian had seemed to mention.
During my casual evenings of being out in nature, I just happen to see them, and they seem so obvious to me, basically right out in the open if you have the eyes dialed to that frequency. I basically can quickly sense if a rock has an organic signature, through gathering many small details at once, seeing the evidence that the rock material is not actually raw rock material original, but rather originated as a life form. Those rocks of high probability organic stick out to me among all the rest. Quickly picking up rocks, figure out the orientation of the body symmetry in relationship to the direction of texture, and many other congruent details, and am somehow able to make rapid sense of what past creature I am holding.
I’ve been finding many excellent life forms specimens other than humanoid, but the humanoid I find most intriguing, because of the esteem of intelligence. Yet how intelligent are even we, when the obvious only becomes obvious when pointed out, and how perplexing that evidence is right out the open, yet nobody seems to know. When finding such evidence of past beings with your own hands, it really causes one to question the legitimacy of anything told of our past.