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Son Jewel - Crosses Made from Light

Son Jewel - Crosses Made from Light

The ONLY Crosses in the World to be made through absorbing the Powerful Rays of our Sun; crosses made by way of being bathed in Pure Energy.

Son Jewel has created a unique instrument that is able to create crosses through exposing to intense sunlight. As the sun’s rays shine through this specially made instrument, the rays are uniformly bent so to converge into an amplified radiance of light. This gathering concentration of sunlight generates an intense focal point; resulting in the sun’s radiant energy being amplified to over 1,200 times.

Cross-shaped crucibles were mindfully engineered for this environment; layers of exotic high endurance materials come together like a puzzle, so to contain the energy, while the exact volume created by the puzzle accommodates the loading of twelve precision sized spherical glass grains. Each fully prepared crucible is systematically introduced into this area of intense sun-ray energy, where each glass grain absorbs the energy, causing the temperature to increase rapidly to several thousand degrees. During this exposure, the radiant energy of light liquifies each grain, joining & fusing all grains into a singular piece in the shape of a cross.

The core temperature of the molting cross is carefully monitored for an exact moment of when certain temperatures are reached; so to be rapidly rotated out-from-under the intense incoming ray, and then immediately re-positioned under a special overhanging press; in which holds a cross-shaped die that descends into the glowing hot crucible, making brief direct contact with the molten glass surface, so to fill out the cross shape evenly & fully within the crucible. During that brief moment of direct contact pressing, the glass cross receives the body impression of Jesus Christ, while the material itself experiences a rapid reduction in temperature, just below molten, so to lock the image of Christ into the cross.

The resulting transparent cross jewels are then fine-diamond polished for optical clarity, then set within a precious metal Sterling Silver setting so can be offered to you as one of the more meaningful & more rare pieces of jewelry that anyone may adorn. Packed with meaning, each necklace is presented within an elegant wooden jewelry box, and further includes literature in which elaborates the creation process & symbolism. This symbolic literature comes in the form of a functioning mini scroll having real wooden handles and featuring a golden Seal of Authenticity.

The open-back design of the sterling silver setting was intentionally designed to allow light to enter so that each Transparent Cross can be illuminated. Glass cross pendant measures 0.6-inches tall and 0.4-inches wide. All chains are solid Sterling Silver Venetian Box style chains. Chains have a 1.5mm thickness and come ready to wear in 18-inch or 20-inch lengths. These necklaces make wonderful gifts!

Backstory of Device:
For 7 years I had dedicated myself into being able to achieve this ability, of being able to make such meaning-filled crosses, a task that was solo pioneered and which required the designing and machining of hundreds of components and took over 2,000 failed attempts before finally finding the precise engineering formula needed to dial in this accomplishment; and to do with a precision & quality that surpassed my own expectation. This process is so exact, that each color has its own production formula. The colors Love & Purity are the most challenging of all the colors to produce; as the color Red is overly ambitious when it comes to absorbing light energy, and the color Clear requires the longest exposure time. For these two colors the weather conditions, time of day, focus, sun’s angles, exposure, and a handful of other variables all need to be just right in order to be successful at producing.

FULL LENGTH VIDEO of Sun Machine in action can be seen here; Crosses made from Light:

The machine was constructed so to automatically follow the sun’s constant movement in the sky, so that it could utilize a 3-foot diameter magnification lens so to converge all of that area of sunlight into a precision held location the size of a dime. With such control of the power incoming, there next came the need to chill water to near freezing while circulating it to extract heat away from various components, and use specially aimed lenses attached to infrared thermometers so can accurately pin-point molten core temperatures as they climb several thousand degrees within seconds. This machine is far too elaborate to carry on further in this description, but as a take-away, this care for deep diving into super-fine details so to produce something rare & lovely to share with others seems to be a steady factor throughout my heart’s work. If this product intrigues you, then you may be drawn to check out the other one-of-a-kind product offerings that I produce as well. Thank you for your visit. Please make plans to re-visit again as more one-of-a-kind products will be added to this shop throughout this year.

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Son Jewel - Crosses made from LightSon Jewel - Crosses made from Light