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The Great Confusion… clearly explained.

If you are to awaken, you must examine the definition “bad” with all your might. All are so easy to manipulate just by distorting this one definition; how you answer is critical, for it sits at the root of your psyche.

What is acting bad, is obviously confused. And what is confused, is not actually then bad. And you can feel guilty, but never can your confused reactions that brought you into poor behavior devalue you as unworthy of being a creation. And so, while you are unconscious of your ROOT confusion, you are not guilty, and still very much worthy just as a child who does not know, and so it goes for everyone.

If you might try to reclaim this true definition in you, this innocence now seen would naturally be applied unto all that your mind engages, and so then everything you think & see & how you relate must change to vibe in accordance. Into a new way of thinking. Because the false root has been uprooted, no longer does your produce contract into defensive ideas, but rather expanding into loving ones, now that the REAL idea of innocence has been given a place to be reborn & celebrated in your mind.

The real problem is, without a deep resting in the knowing of self, multitudes do not yet understand what it means to create… and so many make instead. To make means to procure thought as if in isolation; where the purpose, the intent, behind the motive is special, selective, and not fully expansive; and so conditional. True Creation’s natural way, its ray, is Its crystal clear knowing of devotion unto maximal extension; to join through FULL inclusion. To leave no room for doubt. ALL of creation must recognize the attribute of its fullness attitude in order for it to qualify, as Reality, as fully pervasive, as an embedment within creation, as a maximal expression that extends fully; interwoven. Thoughts then, as you hold them, if they are wholly extendable, are whole & true; and the remaining incapable of full extension, are not fully shareable, thus has not the quality to qualify as a real expression of creation. In reality, these un-wholly thoughts of there being an enemy are only an illusion. And as you believe that another can be bad, that bad truly exists, you will merely be making dreams of war within your believed isolation, as you try to force fit it into reality.

To distort confusion with badness is really a matter of where the line of mercy’s intolerance can be comfortably drawn per individual; for no universal sharp line of unanimous agreement exists. What is true is always true no matter what your eyes see. We are, from our Creator’s vantage, innocent. And there are many who can’t yet see this, because the definition of bad has confused’em so. To ignore this definition that I speak of would be to confine one’s mental activity within the realmic vision who dreams under The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad… simply because you have chosen to keep concepts that are limiting quite busy in your sight, diluting one’s mind into seeing illusory boundaries, obstructing your thought field from experiencing the release & the unlimited expansiveness of relationship gratitude that comes through becoming unified into the purified vision, of which this abundant emotional nourishing generative gratitudal energy is referred to as The Tree of Life.

To wake up from the low vibe delusion, you must within you, very deeply, undo this definition. Innocence is our truth! And through simply allowing self to remember this, as you take this true gift deeply in you, you will energetically embody this higher vibration as you accept this truth about self, and become convinced as it unfolds to reach every corner of your thought; healing, inducing a corrective perception with such effects known as the awakening. Now consciously partaking. What else has the power to perfectly heal, other than to see that what you thought, never was? The All Natural Reality does not change, and it does not boast, it only peacefully expresses itself while waiting lovingly for you to see it as it is.


Preparation for Receptivity

If extremely good news were presented plainly to you, would you notice it? Or might you wince backward defensively, when facing off with your past learnings, where conflicting thoughts must go ablaze during cognitive dissonance.

To the minds who live in the destructive guilt admired non-reality, there must remain constant burden to seek for peace while holding the heavy idea of guilt as real… and bound you are to forever seeking the impossible, the delusional reality of enegetically cherishing two opposing thought forces… making life unintelligible… while living in denial of your inner non-cohesion.

The wildfire that burns away false ideas is among us. You will either be cognitively & energetically be tuned into the ignition thus purification, or remain within the delusion that must then provide the experience of being consumed by it… always according to the limits, your mind holds dear.

The Great Bifurcation: Innocence vs. Guiltiness

Through every moment, that which is held in the heart is reflected, heard, felt, radiated, and sometimes dimly known as we shine or darken each moment. But nothing leaves a stain of hopelessness, of fear, and of never-healed relationship, such as the idea of guiltiness being believed by the mind, as if the truth within our created reality.

To see the creation of you differently than through the true essence of how Creation truly creates, is to deny your true reality, and to “unconsciously submit” your nervous system into a state of nervous reactivity and mental confinement. A dysfunction that seeks to remedy this nervous confusion through focusing on finding proofs; proofs derived through personified mental operations such as separating & comparisons, rather than a graciously looking upon life without judgment, allowing life to bestows real knowledge through simply having love for unity. This great bifurcation between these two mental pathways, should not be underestimated!

Mind is a garden. Energetically having joyful thoughts & clarity, and staying out of confining personified pathways & nervous reactions is natural when one has removed the false information. Correct the problem of thinking guiltiness could be a potential, and the interference is removed from mind, and this naturally corrects how you energetically & cognitively relate to all others & self. And with this correction within one’s thinking, one’s expectations and all your peaceful impulses, now lay in wholesome service to lovely purposes; consciously now stepping lovingly into reality.

To continue to approach this vision with lethargy, without wholeness, then the path of continued vicarious fictional living efforts will continue to enter & pollute the perception of your “True Created Image”, so to see & believe that you are limited & separated. Unaware that your energy given to victimhood hides from you the deal, and you being the dealer, as every thought passes through the field of your “self imposed limited” awareness. Nothing within the “conditioned”, the confined thought process is seen as it really is while unconscious of being the one who has denied accepting the truth about our created reality.

The erosion of the FALSE principality,
the major FAULT in our thinking,
is in quake, is about the FALL.

Only whence the creation of the perfect Son learns of himself then will his Will naturally take the focus that which clears the path, to claim his inheritance. So can be a presence that is intentionally & energetically & sincerely listening, for ONLY The Voice that speaks to His Children in perfect innocence. When approached wholly, does the channel flow unimpeded. As the sensational idea is able to be wholly received, it is internalized wholly, sensationalized and enjoyed wholly for its natural harmony & healing ways on all levels; satisfied as the emotionally satisfied witness, and nothing left out.

Do ponder how the Roman Empire, in its perceived might, had the centuries long agenda of conquering far and wide without any intelligence to cease in its overlay of reasonings for control. And do ponder that to control the sovereign, means that one must first confuse so can control the people’s knowing of their spirit, their strength, their Source. And that through distorting the image of how one sees self does offer a most effective way for the self to fall into doubt about self and about all others; to loose faith in our Truly Created Image, of which changes the channel on which the ears hear, and so placing interference into our once pristine harkening, and so the communication that speaks to His children in the Voice of ONLY innocence, is no longer the channel listened for, and so unheard.